Thursday, October 28, 2010

Healing Remedies For Your Beautiful Body

To Squeeze or Not to Squeeze
If you decide to squeeze a pimple, be every gentle, pressing until it bleeds may rupture tissue and cause scarring. Make sure that skin is clean and warm. Wrap your fingers in tissues, ad apply light pressure. Dap over it with tea tree oil.

Fade Cream
Make your own concoction to lighten age spots and sun-damaged upper chest. Mix the juice of 1 lemon, 1 lime, 2 tablespoons of honey, and 2 ounces of plain yogurt. Gently massage into each spot. Use it at least once a week.

Face Lift

There are ways to lift your face, both on a cumulative and temporary basis. For years models, actors, and actresses have been relying on the shark’s liver oil and yeast contained in hemorrhoidal creams. These are the same ingredients that can be found in expensive “firming” creams sold at expensive cosmetic counters. Just what these creams do for those other areas (takes down the swelling and shrinks tissues) is what they do for under eye bags, droopy jowls, etc. Makeup artists won’t do a makeover without it. Rock stars, Hollywood’s big names, and others celebrities won’t go on the road without a supply on it. Many of the people you believe have had plastic surgery have been using it for years.

If you object to the medicinal smell, simply mix it with a small amount of your regular moisturizer. If you do need to use it and head out the door right away, just dab a little perfume in front of each ear to diffuse any signs. Many people may notice or aware that certain aroma wafting from certain nice looking people where their look are not matching with their age. It actually came from this product. If you find that this product works for you, I suggest that you use it at night in the privacy of your own bedroom.

If you are heading out to a special event, and want to tighten your face a bit, use this quick fix:

Beat 1 egg white to froth. Apply over all over face, paying special attention to the eye area, chin and jaw. Allow it to dry (it should take no longer than ten minutes), and ever so lightly rinse it off. Don’t waste your money on temporary lifting creams. The egg white lift is just as effective as any “face lifts in a bottle” I have ever tried.

Thin cucumber slices used as compresses over closed eyes will relieve sore, puffy eyes.

Raw potato slices contain potassium to take away dark circles under the eye.

Inexpensive tea bags (make sure that they’re cool to the touch) on the eye make good eye refreshers because of the tannic acid. Don’t use herbal tea bags, because most don’t contain tannic acid. Try such brands as Red Rose or Lipton, or generic brands.

The neck is often one of the most neglected areas, yet it’s the first place where the signs of aging appear. A certain amount of wrinkling and sagging is inevitable, but there is a lot you can do to not only improve the appearance of your neck now, but minimize future problems.

Always take your cleanser and creams over the entire throat area, rinsing thoroughly. Make certain to apply all creams with firm upward strokes.

Knees and Elbows
The skin on knees, elbows, and heels can easily look discolored and dead. Here’s a bleaching mask that really works wonders. Don’t you even thinks of wearing a short skirt without first applying this mixture.

Add the juice of 3 lemons to 1 cup of powdered milk. Use just enough water to make a thick paste. Leave the mixture on for 20 minutes. Scrub off briskly with a loofah or sponge.

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